Monday, October 25, 2010

Gypsy in the House!!!

Yay!!!  This is so exciting and so overwhelming at the same time!!!  The gypsy that I won came in the mail on Saturday!!  I was able to update it today but still can't figure out how to link it with my Imagine...  I think we're supposed to wait anyway...  I can't wait until I can make some cuts and figure it out!!!

I made this really quick before leaving for my retreat on Friday...  It was a working retreat and I needed a notebook so I prettied up a composition notebook before I left!!  Pretty quick and awesome!!!

Our retreat was at Western Hills Lodge so I was able to swing through Tulsa on my way there...  Michaels, Joann, Starbucks, Cokesbury, Girl Scout Store and Loops!!  What a trip!!  If I'm making the drive, might as well make it count, right??  I wanted to see the Imagine endcap at Michaels...  They had a few things out but some were still being unloaded!  Joann had some awesome Girl Scout paper and embellies!!  I'm thinking Christmas present for my new Daisy!!  Also, the reason for going to the Girl Scout store...

And Loops...  Oh how I love to go to the yarn store!!  I was hoping to have enough time to sit and knit at the store but it didn't happen!!  I did swing in there really quick and picked up some Chibi needles... I was planning to finish my socks there but I finished them last night while watching 'Up in the Air' with my hubby!!  Yay!!

The sky was overcast but it was so beautiful there!!  It rained pretty hard on Saturday for a little while! 
I love sunset!!

Until next time...
Have a great week!!

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  1. You will LOVE your Gypsy!!!! And what a GORGEOUS pic of the sunset!!!!